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30 August, 2005

Confession time.

Well, 1600 miles later, and here I am in Soutwestern Vermont. Despite receiving a speeding ticket by an Erik Estrada wannabe with a supertroopers mustache in Washington D.C., it was a pretty good trip. I enjoyed much of the driving, but after the ticket I had to restrain myself for the benefit of my driver and his pocketbook. Unfortunately, in the interest of making as goof of time as I could, I did not take as many pictures of myself as I would have liked. America (at least the Eastern part) is just not very photogenic from much of its interstate highway system--and where it is scenic, it's just not feasible to stop on the side of the road, or there is no exit. In short I only took two pictures, which I will be posting tomorrow. I am sincerely sorry for breaking my promise, but please stay tuned.

25 August, 2005

Last days in Oxford (for awhile)

I know I promised pictures after the tint removal, but strange things are afoot at the Circle K, if you know what I mean. You don't? Oh. Well, driver activity has really picked up, and a radar detector has been purchased. Oil level, tire pressure, and all that other good stuff have been checked. In short, it seems that a road trip (certainly the longest of my young life) is afoot.

Thus, pictures (and posts) will be delayed for the duration. I will try to check in, but if the frequency of posts isn't satisfactory I can at least promise plenty of pictures at the conclusion. Just in case you are wondering, the longest trip I've taken so far is ~360 miles one-way. This one is going to be much, much, much longer. I can feel it.

23 August, 2005

An Audi A3 review for the layperson

Here's a recent review of the 2006 Audi A3 Sportback (that's me!) from the Boston Herald. The fifth and sixth sentence, taken together, really lifted this gal's self esteem. Thanks, Eric Convey, you motormouth, you! What a doll!

22 August, 2005

Monday update

I've spent much of the day dodging University of Mississippi students who don't understand how to walk, drive, or be considerate to others. Oxford, MS is entirely too crowded when the students are in town. So, if you are planning to visit, I suggest googling "Ole Miss academic calendar" and finding out when school will not be in session.

More pictures will be coming soon after I have my tint removed tomorrow.

19 August, 2005

ManCar of the Weekend

This weekend I will try to cure my blues by daydreaming about a good, old fashioned pink Cadillac. Now, you may say that a pink car can't be manly, but the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible pictured in the sidebar is definitely a man.

Bad News

I spent all of yesterday afternoon trying to get my state of Mississippi inspection sticker. Normally, it's a smooth process and a five dollar fee. Cake. But (as of July 2005) Mississippi's tint laws are now being enforced at the point of inspection. While any level of factory tint is legal, windows with aftermarket tint are required to allow at least 35% of the light in. Mine were tested yesterday and they allow 11.4% of light through. Illegal. Thus I've failed inspection, which is more disappointing than I can express. As if my brake lights didn't work or something! My self esteem has taken a hit. Tint should be removed on Tuesday, and I guess I'll resume baking in the August heat.

MCotW coming soon.

18 August, 2005

Hangin' out with a TT

Here I am in Candyland, which is a little niche just off "The Historic Square" of Oxford, MS. It's a nice little neighborhood, and called Candyland because each door has an oval frosted glass window in it that really looks like it should be licked. I don't reccomend it, however. Try the rock candy that you can get just up the road (and a bit of a hill) at the Hallmark store in the NW corner of the Oxford square if you have a sweet tooth.

I'm not a big candy fan. I obviously can't eat it, and sugar in my gas tank is disaster!

But the point of this post was to show a picture of me and my new friend, Gretchen. Gretchen is an Audi TT. I'm not sure what year, because she's older than me (I'm a 2006) and so she wouldn't tell me what model year she is. She's cute though, without a doubt, but I'm a little biased towards the new Audi grill which I have (see picture). I feel it accentuates Audi's racing heritage from the first half of the 20th century. Or maybe I just think it looks better. Anyway, there was a bit of rain, or Grethchen's top would have been down. But even with her top up, she's a hottie. Makes me want to get a little auto-lesbian, to be quite honest. We didn't though. We were good girls.

17 August, 2005

Got a wet nose in the rain yesterday.

Subject says it all, really.

16 August, 2005

Wheel picture taken at night

Yes, it really is as exciting as the subject line would lead you to believe.

15 August, 2005

Not going to be in Oxford for much longer...

So here's another Oxford, MS picture: Audi A3 at the recently-renovated-but-no-longer-operational Oxford train depot.

13 August, 2005

Saturday morning readin'

The following is a tasty read if you're interested in Audi--or an explanation of why you should be interested in Audi if you aren't. Just click the link, ok?

Hot Audi

Caveats: It's a long article, and it's an old article (from March '05). Some would say an oldie-but-a-goodie. Lucky for you, I won't say that.

12 August, 2005

ManCar of the Weekend

This weekend I'm going back to my roots and choosing to dream about a 1938 Horch 853A Voll-Ruhrbeck Sport Cabriolet. A Horch 8-cylinder engine is a thing of beauty, but regardless of the classy powerplant this car exudes European style. From the Audi world site:
Ever since 1927, Horch had made a 'Horch 8 Sport Cabriolet'. These were initially two-door, two-seat open cars with two side windows only, and two 'dickey' seats at the back. As the years passed, the models acquired more space at the back. In 1932, the relevant model in the Horch catalogue was the Type 780. Its successor in 1935 was the 853, one of the most beautifully styled cars of its entire era.
I'll say! Think of the '38 as the mustachioed version of the '35. See for yourself by clicking on the image in the sidebar.

Ever wonder how much beer fits in my trunk?

This is a 2006 Audi A3 Sportback, but alas, it is not me...

It is, however, a fine illustration of just how much trunk space there is in my (identical) backside. It certainly shows how much beer and water can fit in there! In my fantasy, there are quarts of synthetic motor oil in the white box on the left.

11 August, 2005

Last one!

And that's all of the pictures. What do you think about the new tint?

10 August, 2005

Rear end view...

Does this angle make me look fat? Actually, does any angle?

09 August, 2005

Two more pictures

08 August, 2005

The Big Surprise!

I got my windows tinted late last week in Memphis. You can tell if you look at the Memphis picture from Friday, but you can definitely tell in the pictures today. I got 15% Llumar all the way around (except for the windshield). It turned out pretty dark, but you can still see silhouettes so I m hoping the police don't get strict with the law. In any case, I am much cooler now sitting out in the Mississippi sun all day, and that was the point all along.

See today's previous post for pictures.

Pictures of the tint...

I'm using the top picture as my profile picture, but the host isn't working right now. Go figure.

07 August, 2005

Pimpest A3 interior (to hit US shores) yet!

The wood trim, well, it looks a bit odd...

05 August, 2005

Honda euro-Accord drives itself!

Car starts itself at the push of a button --check. Lights turn on by themselves--check. Windshield wipers manage themselves--check. Automatic transmission shifts gears--check. Cruise control controls the speed--check. And now the car can even keep you between the white lines! I gotta admit that I'm a bit jealous of the Honda. I'd love to drive myself!

ManCar of the Weekend

This weekend will be spent lusting after an Italian brute with the sensitive touch. Click on the image in the sidebar to get a look at that engine clad in red.

Just back from Memphis, Tn...

Unfortunately, ten seconds after taking this picture the camera battery went dead. Point being, this is the only picture I have from my trip up to Memphis and back. But, from a half-full perspective, I did manage to get The Pyramid, the Memphis sign that looms over the MIssissippi River, a trolley car, and a Mud Island sign all in one frame, which is kind of cool. Anyway, notice anything different about me?

03 August, 2005

The Orgeron Era

Before any of you click on this picture, I feel that I have to warn you that the file is quite large. In any case, Coach Ed Orgeron is the new head football coach for the University of Mississippi, and many Ole Miss fans are expecting big things from him. Personally, I don't understand any sports except for motorsports, but my feeling is that my driver would be happy if this Orgeron fella did well. I'm told that Oxford is truly hopping on home football game weekends and that the air is electric. People assure me this is no exaggeration; you must live it to believe it.

Above is a picture of me in the parking lot to the west of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium (the season hasn't started yet). To my right is the road across which the picture on Manning Way was taken (though it was taken several hundred yards south of this position). I genuinely wish 'Coach O' and the Rebels good fortune this season.

02 August, 2005

Dubai insanity...

You have to see it to believe it.

Heavy metal parking lot

I hung out with an old hippie bus yesterday afternoon. The Oxford police department is right across the street. Total buzzkill.

01 August, 2005

The University of Mississippi campus

Manning Way is the soon to be completed entrance to the football complex here at 'Ole Miss'. The long red-roofed building is a new state-of-the-art indoor practice facility, and you can just make out the south end zone side of Vaught-Hemingway stadium on the far left (which is the largest stadium in the state of Mississippi). Oh yeah, and Manning Way is named after the Archie Manning clan. There's not much happening on campus these days. I don't think that classes are in session right now. Pointing out the obvious: this spot needs landscaping.