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09 October, 2005

It wasn't 40 days or 40 nights...

It was only a day and a half. But this past Saturday night, while making a run up to the local Rite-Aid for sinus medication for Driver, I was stopped cold in my tracks. It began raining Friday evening, and not too heavily at that, but by Saturday afternoon it was really coming down hard. Anyway, Saturday night I was just about to pull into the parking lot of the Rite-Aid from the only entrance/exit to the whole thing when Driver noticed that the car in front of us was in water up to the tops of its wheels. This is not an exageration! The parking lot was under water, and I was about to be driven right into it. Well, I quickly turned around and Driver got out to take a picture, but wouldn't you know it; the camera's battery had died. We stayed and tried to warn other cars, but to no avail. We watched in horror as other cars tried to make it through the water. This struck me as a futile effort, and indeed it was. One car after another stalled, and their drivers had to get out and wade thigh-high through the muck to get to the Hannafords and Rite-Aid. I have no idea if they ever got out that night, but there were numerous work crews and trucks in the lot this morning presumably trying to fix the problem.

I'm wondering what will happen when the snow comes!


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